Irving Quilt Guild, Inc.

Keeper Quilt Program

As members of Irving Quilt Guild, we have the opportunity to make quilts for other charitable organizations in the DFW area.  These organizations use these quilts in their fund-raising.  Any organization requesting a Keeper Quilt must submit a written request to the Board.  If approved, the organization will be notified and asked to attend a regular guild meeting for a presentation of the quilt.



Keeper Quilt Requirements:

Once you have reached 24 volunteer points you are eligible to donate a Keeper Quilt.  Keeper Quilt needs to be SHOW QUALITY QUILTS, no panel quilts will be accepted.


There are three sizes of keeper quilts:

    Bed Size Quilts – Length plus width of finished quilt should total 175” or greater for a total of 24 points.  If quilt is done by several people, the points will be split between them.

    Lap Quilts – Length plus width of finished quilt should total 120” to 174”.  Piecer gets 12 points and Quilter gets 12 points or money.

    Wall Hanging Quilts-Length plus width of finished quilt should total 48” to 90”, and must be custom quilted.  Piecer gets 10 points and Quilter gets 10 points or money.

Please NO PANEL QUILTS.  These quilts should NOT BE JUVENILLE Designs.


All quilts must have a sleeve for hanging, hand-sewn binding and machine /hand embroidery label.


Label must have:

  • Irving Quilt Guild
  • Year Made
  • Name of Pattern
  • Personal Information (optional)
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