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2014 Quilt Show


Irving Quilt Show
“Stars Over Texas”

What a show! Our fifth show is over and had a great turn out and am continually amazed at the quilts this guild puts out. 

Congratulations to all the ribbon winners!   I know the judges had a difficult time deciding all the winners since it took all day long to judge the quilts.  I was proud that our guild had over 100 quilts and it was a great success.

I also want to Thank all the volunteers that came through with selling admission and raffle tickets and CDs, helping out with vendors, answering all kinds of questions about our guild and quilts, bring fans and calming heat frustrations with the air conditioner, handling the mini quilts auction, checking in/out quilts, hanging quilts and signs.  What did I miss?  My head is still spinning with amazement with all the coordination and effort from the guild volunteers.

This year, we strutted our new guild aprons with help from Donna Reid who acquired them and Sonya Bilbrey and Joni Clary for shortening and embroidering them.  They look great and wash very nicely since some of us (me) got their aprons dirty. This is a great investment and can be used in future events.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge my committee members who out performed themselves and did an outstanding job with budget restrictions and putting up with me.  Our goal has always been to be within budget and hopefully we will see just how close we came in the next couple of weeks.

Susan T.

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