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Irving Quilt Guild has been serving the Irving community since 1998. We promote fellowship among persons interested in all aspects of quilt-making, preserve our quilt-making heritage and traditions, and participate in quilt-related projects that are of service to our community.

What to bring for July Meeting?

   - Food and drinks - Last Name N-S

   - Fabric Lotto - Pink and Yellow
   - Show and Tell

   - Angel Quilts
   - Love Thy Baby Items
   - 48 Hour Quilts

   - October Retreat Deposits
   - Workshop deposits.

What’s new on the website:

Sunny Lane Quilt

August Birthdays:

    Connie A - Aug 7
    Carol C - Aug 10
    Wanda W - Aug 12
    Wanda R - Aug 16
    Jeanne C - Aug 20
    Wanda D - Aug 20
    Tonya T - Aug 25
    Sarah S - Aug 27
    Chris K - Aug 29

September 19th workshop

Speaker & Teacher is Brenda Jeschke
Class fee is $30.00.



Thank You - Angel Quilt

Dear Irving Quilt Guild and Sarah S,

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to you for your sweet, kind, considerate and generous gift of the beautiful quilt to my little boy, Aaron. As a fellow crafter (beginner knitter and very beginner crocheter), I am acutely aware of the time, effort, talent and money put into homemade/handmade gifts. I am so touched that you directed all that towards my sweet baby. Your kindness to my son is so appreciated!

We are proudly displaying the quilt on Aaron’s hospital bed, and I know we will receive lots of compliments on it! It has really cheered up his room! Aaron already likes it and wants to snuggle with it. It is that fine line between letting him enjoy his gift and just wanting to put it up so that it doesn’t get dirty. As a gift giver, I want my gifts enjoyed, so I will let him snuggle away and keep a close eye on leaky sippy cups and bottles :)

I especially love the “boy-ish” colors in the quilt!

Aaron was born with scoliosis that has progressed to severe in his short two years. After failing conservative treatment at Cook Children’s, he is now undergoing Halo gravity traction at TSRH this summer with plans for a torso cast afterwards. He is making great progress so far, gaining almost 30 degrees correction in just a couple of weeks!

I’ve attached pictures of little Aaron snuggling/cuddling with his new quilt.

I read a little about your group on your website, and I think that you guys do wonderful things and have very big hearts. I can’t speak for all patients, but for my son (and me), you have brightened our time at the hospital, which, as fun as TSRH is, living at a hospital for nine weeks just isn’t the same as being at home L

I have primarily made hats and smaller things. I have never tackled the ambitious project of a blanket. I have never quilted and am very envious of your talent! You truly have a gift for quilting!

Thank you,

Mom: Angie L

TSRH patient: Aaron L

P.S. Aaron is an Irving boy! We live in Irving.


July 18, 2015 -ThankYou1

Please join us at our monthly meeting:

When: The Guild meets the 3rd Thursday of each month.

            Social time 6:30 p.m. Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.

            Guests are always welcome to attend.

Where: Oakview Baptist Church

          1004 South Story Road - Irving

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